ESLCO Homework Sept 11th

Hi ESLCO, hope all is well. Tonight’s homework is to finish the ‘Saving Face’ question and answer sheet. Make sure to have that ready for class tomorrow.


Weekend Plans? The Western Fair can help


Hi ESLCO and ESLDO students. This weekend is the Western fair, if you want to experience something that is truly Canadian; go check out the Western fair. You can take bus number 2 in front of McDonald’s to get there. There are all sorts of animals, rides, foods and lots more. Check out:  for more information. Have a good weekend!


Did everyone who went to the fair have a good time?  Remember the fair is here until September 15th so there is still time to go!!

ESLDO Homework Sept 4th 2013


Hi ESLDO, here is a copy of the power point that we looked at as a class (ESLDO Unit 1 first powerpoint). There are also copies of the ‘what will happen next’ worksheet found here: ESLDO What will happen next and a copy of the ‘Short story terms and definitions’ worksheet found here: ESLDO Unit 1 Terms and definitions page Tonight’s homework, search over the internet to see if you can find one example of theme and bring that to class tomorrow.

Fall 2013 Welcome to LIA


This website is dedicated to helping you with any problems you might have in any of your ESL classes while at LIA. On this webpage you can find all sorts of information that will be beneficial to you. On the webpage you can find: missed homework, review sheets for exams, reminders for school events and more. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this post or leave a message on the webpage. Have a good day and welcome to LIA 🙂